PCJCMR was first founded in the 1950s with a focus on building positive relationships between Chrisitans and Jews. With the growth of a large, wonderful and diverse Muslim community in the United States, we have added development of relationships between and among Christians, Jews and Muslims to the tasks we consider crucial.  We hope to build dialogues between the faith communities on the local level, be advocates for peace and justice on issues that relate to the three faith communities, and sponsor educational opportunities.  We invite your ideas and participation in our work.  We are an informal group of members, ministers, and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA); we are not an offical agency of the Presbyterian Church. For further information about our denomination, click on the logo above or any of the PCUSA links below.


Anti-Defamation League
These folks describe themselves as "the worlds leading organization fighting anti-semitism since 1913." This is probably very accurate.

Christanity Among the Religions of the World
Article by Charles Henderson

Christian Friends of Israel
This site proves one can be thoroughly biblical, thoroughly evangelical, and still very positive and constructive in relating to both Jews and Judaism. 

Christian Jewish relations
As viewed through a fascinating archive of Anti-Defamation League press releases.

CrossCurrents Magazine
For fifty years CrossCurrents has been publishing the best thought and writing being done across lines of religious difference by leaders of  Jewish and Christian faiths.

Genesis: A Living Conversation
The Bill Moyer's Public Television series on the book of Genesis was in itself a model for Jewish/Christian dialogue and understanding.

Institute For Christian and Jewish Studies
The ICJS is an educational organization which addresses the contemporary challenges of religious pluralism by helping to shape a new relationship between Christians and Jews. 

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
The Chicago based organization has been working for interfaith dialogue and understanding for more than fifteen years. 

Jews For Judaism
It's a law of physics. It's also true in the realm of the spirit. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When any group perceives itself as a "target" for evangelism, you can expect a reaction. This is particularly true of Jews, who have lots of experience reacting to misguided Christian evangelists. 

Jewish-Christian Relations
This site is concerned with issues in the on-going Christian-Jewish dialogue. Here are articles, bibliographies and other resources, pages of Christian-Jewish organizations, addresses of and links to institutes and groups involved in the dialogue, and more. Put together by Fritz Voll, this is a massive site; one of the best on the Net.

Jewish Voice For Peace
This organization of Jewish Pease Activists acutually supports the Presbyterian divestment policy.

Judaism at About.com

Judaism and Jewish Resources
Andrew Tannenbaum's excellent catalogue of Jewish resources on the Net.

Must Christians Target Jews?
A policy adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention that will "target Jews for conversion," has raised serious questions among people of all faiths, including more ecumenically minded Christians. 

Presbyterians for Middle East Peace is an ad hoc group of Presbyterian pastors and elders who have a strong desire for the PCUSA to be an effective peacemaker in the Middle East. They are committed to interjecting a key part of Jesus' message and ministry into the conflict: namely enemies need to love, not terrorize each other; speak with and negotiate, not ignore each other.

The National Council of Churches
What does it mean to be a Christian in an increasingly pluralistic and multi-ethnic nation? The NCC Commission on Interfaith Relations provides an important forum for Christians to explore the challenges and opportunities of living among people of other faiths.}

For further information about PCJCMR please email Charles Henderson.