PCJCMR was first founded in the 1950s with a focus on building positive relationships between Chrisitans and Jews. With the growth of a large, wonderful and diverse Muslim community in the United States, we have added development of relationships between and among Christians, Jews and Muslims to the tasks we consider crucial.  We hope to build dialogues between the faith communities on the local level, be advocates for peace and justice on issues that relate to the three faith communities, and sponsor educational opportunities.  We invite your ideas and participation in our work.  We are an informal group of members, ministers, and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA); we are not an offical agency of the Presbyterian Church. For further information about our denomination, click on the logo above or any of the PCUSA links below.


Our Mission Statement

Steering Committee:

William P. Crawford
Larchmont Avenue Presbyterian Church
Larchmont, NY

William H. Harter
Falling Spring Presbyterian Church
Chambersberg, PA

Charles Henderson
ARIL / CrossCurrents
New York, NY

Katharine Henderson
Auburn Theological Seminary
New York, NY

Cynthia A. Jarvis
Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia, PA

Christopher Leighton
Institute For Christian and Jewish Studies
Baltimore, MD

Margaret Obrecht
Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church
Timonium, MD

Jill Schaeffer
Woodlawn Heights Presbyterian Church
Ridgewood, NY

Byron E. Shafer
New York, NY

Donald W. Shriver
Union Theological Seminary
New York, NY

John Wimberly
Western Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC

For further information about PCJCMR please email Charles Henderson.